Join the 2023 ODTUG Board of Directors - Call for Nominations Now Open

The ODTUG Board of Directors is responsible for guiding the organization. With thoughtful leadership and strong community connections, the board ensures that ODTUG provides a meaningful member experience and maintains its reputation as one of the top user groups in the world. We will be accepting nominations for the ODTUG Board of Directors through September 21, 2022. After that time, the ODTUG membership will be invited to vote for two of this year's nominees. If you or someone you know has the enthusiasm and passion to serve the ODTUG community, please submit your nomination today.

Today, user groups are faced with new and unprecedented challenges. In an effort to maintain the stability and skills to achieve our strategic goals, and to ensure all our communities are represented, the board changed the election guidelines three years ago. Please read more about the changes here.

Three directors will be appointed each year to serve a three-year term. Two directors will be elected annually by membership ballot and an additional director will be elected annually by the Board of Directors following the conclusion of the membership election.

Please note that your nomination is for an individual to serve on the board in a general capacity, not as an officer. Officers are elected by the board members. You may nominate yourself or a colleague. Please keep in mind that board members must be proactive individuals with time and energy to devote to the group. Personal commitment is the key to the group’s success, so nominees should be prepared to devote a consistent and considerable level of time and effort for the entire term served. Board members must be paid members of ODTUG.

Special Note: To be eligible to vote or run for office, your ODTUG membership must be paid and up-to-date no later than September 30, 2022.


  • Develop and initiate policies and programs regarding the general direction of ODTUG membership, conferences, publications, and communications with Oracle Corporation.
  • Attend the annual ODTUG conference.
  • Participate in a monthly ODTUG Board of Directors teleconference of approximately 75 minutes.
  • Prepare monthly progress report(s).
  • Attend two face-to-face or virtual board meetings: February 8-10 and June 24, 2023.
  • Maintain an email address for board communications.
  • Chair and/or serve on at least one active committee.

ODTUG pays for all travel and per diem costs associated with official ODTUG Board of Directors meetings. Board members are expected to pay for and maintain their ODTUG memberships.

Current Board Members Whose Terms Will Expire December 31, 2023

  •  aceicon_0002_Layer-1.pngKaren Cannell
  •  aceicon_0002_Layer-1.png Tim German
  • Neviana Zhgaba

Nomination Guidelines and Deadlines
All nominees must be ODTUG members who have paid and are in good standing. Nominees must read and agree to the terms of the ODTUG bylaws. Please submit your nomination with a campaign statement, brief biography, brief summary of the member’s experience serving in user group volunteer positions (if any), picture of the nominee in JPG format, and agreement to the bylaws.

  • The campaign statement (no more than 250 words) should include why you are interested in becoming a board member, your experience with ODTUG or similar groups, what specific talent/experience you possess that could enhance the leadership of ODTUG, and your goals if elected to the board. Feel free to add hyperlinks as nominations will be posted electronically. Hyperlinks will count toward the word limit.
  • The biography (no more than 150 words) should include your professional biographical information, experience with Oracle tools, current and past employers, publication information, education, and other background information you feel would paint a clear picture of your leadership abilities and knowledge of Oracle tools. Please do not include personal information regarding family or hobbies.
  • Electronic submissions must agree to the bylaws before the submission is accepted.
  • You must agree that in regard to your service as a director of ODTUG, you will disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest, or any situation that might give the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Deadline: Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 11:59 p.m. (PDT-US)

Submission Link:   Online Nomination Form

Example: Jake Turrell (2020 Nominations)

Campaign Statement—No more than 250 words

For the past two years I have had the honor of being an ODTUG board member, and I would like to ask the Oracle community for the opportunity to continue serving in this role. As a board member, I have served as the BI community board liaison and have been a member of the Finance Committee. In addition, I chaired the Emerging Technology Subcommittee that introduced Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service to our members at ODTUG Kscope18.
My primary goal for the board is to ensure that ODTUG is actively pursuing the outstanding educational and networking opportunities for which our organization is known. In support of this goal, I will work with the board to:
• Ensure that the organization has the financial resources to grow and serve our communities.
• Ensure that we continue to advocate for our members in areas related to Oracle’s product management and overall strategy.
• Ensure that we are strategically moving into new areas of interest to our members.
• Ensure that we are cultivating a new generation of leaders within the various Oracle communities.

Like many members, I can’t imagine my career being nearly as fulfilling without ODTUG. As such, I would like the opportunity to continue to preserve and enhance the organization in an official capacity. I would like to ask for your vote for the ODTUG Board of Directors.


Biography—No more than 150 words

Jake Turrell is a solution architect with over 24 years of experience implementing Enterprise Performance Management solutions. Jake began his career as a financial systems intern at Dell, where he administered IMRS Micro Control, the predecessor to Hyperion Enterprise. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in management information systems, Jake joined Ernst & Young’s management consulting practice. In 1998, Jake moved to Navigator Systems, where he rose to the level of OLAP Practice Lead. Since 2003, Jake has been an independent consultant focused on the implementation of Essbase, Hyperion Planning, PBCS, and related technologies.

Career Highlights:
• Director ODTUG (2017-2018)
• Best Speaker Award (Planning Track) – ODTUG Kscope16
• Best First Time Speaker Award – ODTUG Kscope10
• Co-Editor – Developing Essbase Applications
• Blogger - EPM Adventures
• Oracle ACE Alumni
• ODTUG Kscope12 – Content Lead for EPM/BI Apps
• ODTUG Kscope13 – Content Team for EPM/BI Apps
• Frequent Conference Presenter (ODTUG Kscope, OpenWorld, NTxHUG, STxHUG, TX LA OAUG)


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