Must-See Database Engineering & Development, Emerging Technologies, and Extending Oracle Cloud Applications Sessions at ODTUG Kscope23

The Database Engineering & Development, Emerging Technologies, and Extending Oracle Cloud Applications Content Chair and Track Leads share their top picks at ODTUG Kscope23 and why you shouldn’t miss them.

DB/Emerging Technologies/Modern App Development Content Chair ACE Director.png Kim Berg Hansen

I’m an IDIYoT: Improving Water Usage Efficiency Via OCI and Edge Technology presented by ACE Director.png Jim Czuprynski, Zero Defect Computing

The future of human civilization depends not just on an abundance of clean, renewable energy; we also need to dramatically improve the efficient use of fresh water from lakes, rivers, and underlying aquifers.

Oracle's JSON Relational Duality – Does It Render Object-Relational Mapping Layers Obsolete? presented by ACE Director.png Holger Friedrich, sumIT AG

With the new JSON relational duality views, Oracle claims to change the game. An object-oriented view layer with JSON as the interface format shall provide efficient object-oriented data access to relational models. 

Robotic Process Automation for Oracle – The Challenges and Best Practices presented by ACE Director.png Mia Urman, AuraPlayer

Many enterprises with large Oracle investments are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline operations, reduce errors from manual processing, and lower costs.

Extending Oracle Cloud Applications Lead ACE Director.png Debra Lilly

Extending Your SaaS Solutions – Best Practices presented by ACE Director.png Gustavo Gonzalez, KNEX Technology

This session will demonstrate how you can extend your SaaS solution and some of the best practices for executing it. This is the starting point toward a world of extensions that every organization can perform, adding functionality not just to the features and functions that Oracle provides, but building new functionalities to help their business processes. 

State of North Carolina Is Modernizing Their Oracle SaaS ERP with VBCS presented by Santhosh Kongala, NC OSC & Andy Weaver, Fishbowl Solutions

The state of North Carolina wants to use Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) to develop custom UI and integrate it with Oracle SaaS and other applications.

And check out these sessions Debra wouldn't miss in other tracks.

APEX on the Edge – Using APEX to Extend Enterprise Systems presented by Scott Spendolini, Oracle Corporation

This session explores a relatively new use case for APEX in cloud environments – one where APEX uses web services to fetch, display, modify, and push data across platforms. It will review common and core features of APEX that can be used to achieve this, as well as discuss and highlight real-world examples of how Oracle is using this technique today.

Getting Yourself Oriented in the Booming World of AI presented by aceicon_0000_Oracle_ACE-Program_Spade_Associate_rgb.png Plamen Mushkov, Insum

You will be amazed how advanced the AI and ML models have become recently. From generating images out of text prompts, upscaling low-res photos and recovering old and damaged ones, all the way to answering any question you might have. AI is now advanced enough to translate Natural Language to SQL and even create whole stories from a short description and a few keywords. Join me for lots of examples and real-world use cases.

What Can Developers Do with Oracle Analytics? presented by Mike Durran, Oracle Corporation

The capabilities for developers available with Oracle Analytics are increasing all the time. We're introducing new API endpoints that provide the ability to manage snapshots, invoke data flows, manage connections, and search the catalog.


Database Engineering & Development Lead aceicon_0001_Oracle_ACE-Program_Spade_Pro_rgb.png Erik van Roon

Programming with utPLSQL – This Is the Way presented by aceicon_0001_Oracle_ACE-Program_Spade_Pro_rgb.png Philipp Salvisberg, Trivadis – Part of Accenture
utPLSQL is an awesome tool to make unit testing of your code easier, repeatable, and automatable, so once you have your tests, after a change to your code a click of button will tell you if it still works as it should. Sounds good? It is. So why not start using it? And why not start by attending an introduction by one of *the* utPLSQL experts.

(Single) Table Recovery presented by aceicon_0001_Oracle_ACE-Program_Spade_Pro_rgb.png Christian Gohmann, Trivadis - Part of Accenture
Yes, we all want to know about the cool features we have to build wonderful and exciting functionality. But we become really useful to our customer/employer if we know how to survive a disaster that just happened. So, I think it's good to listen to Christian to find out what options we have on that career-ending Monday morning when we go "Oops" and that important data is gone. Permanently. Or is it?

Get Started with Oracle on Containers presented by ACE Director.png Sean Scott, Viscosity North America
I've always have been and still am a "Database in a VM" guy. But with so many people using containers there must be some advantages to them, right? So I will definitely attend this session to learn about it and to find out how many of the reasons I tell my self I have to not use them are myth and how many fact. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out (almost) all of them are myth, and Sean will convince me to give containers a try.

And check out these sessions Erik wouldn't miss in other tracks.

Oracle's JSON Relational Duality – Does It Render Object-Relational Mapping Layers Obsolete? presented by ACE Director.png Holger Friedrich, sumIT AG
JSON Relation duality sounds like it could very well be *the* killer feature of Oracle 23c. I will not pass on the chance to let Holger give me an introduction to it with some real business use cases as well. Well worth stepping away from my primary track of interest for.

Based on a True Story: The APEX Chain Saw Massacre! All the Ways Your Project Can Go Wrong presented by Dominik Grabiński, Pretius Low-Code
I would not be able to say I'm an APEX developer without laughing. But I do love the tool so I play with it and build some simple stuff for personal use. Chances are I will recognize some of my own bad habits in the examples Dominik will show, but that will only give me a chance to learn and improve.

Going Offline with APEX – Experiences from the Field presented by aceicon_0001_Oracle_ACE-Program_Spade_Pro_rgb.png Kai Donato, MT GmbH

Being able to work offline if and when you lose your connection to the database is a great feature. But it comes with many challenges that need to be addressed. For example, how do you deal with merging your changes to the database when your connection is restored, and in the mean time 20 other people may have changed your data too? I'm not saying it can't be done. I'm just very curious how Kai and his colleagues implemented this feature and how they survived the implications.


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