We Want Your ODTUG Kscope22 Modern App Development Abstract Submissions!


We Want Your ODTUG Kscope22 Modern App Development Abstract Submissions!

No Oracle product sits in isolation. Emerging technologies are beginning to affect every product stream at Oracle. People can no longer stick merely to their silo Oracle product but should begin to learn what’s next at Oracle as an IT strategy. Solutions architects need to be technology curious.

APEX is used in many Cloud and on-premise apps extensions, but how do you link and integrate them? How can we use Digital assistants, JSON, REST, and automation to improve our APEX apps?

Analytics and EPM are very much part of the SaaS extended landscape, and they do have interoperability. More and more Analytics developers will need knowledge of ML as data sets begin to increase exponentially.

New functionality runs from SaaS -- such as digital assistants, RPA, automation, Integration -- and Journeys are far more flexible than before as the technology is "plumbed in" to VBCS and OIC.

These technology enhancements require developers and architects and they need to be aware of PaaS4SaaS direction. So, even if you are attending APEX, EPM, Analytics, etc. sessions at ODTUG Kscope, we encourage you to understand the additional opportunities of using them with SaaS.


Please checkmark for the following personas

  1. Analytics Manager
  2. Data Engineer
  3. Newer Data Engineer
  4. APEX Developer Back End
  5. Full Stack APEX Developer
  6. Software Architect
  7. Planning Consultant
  8. I Do a Bit of Everything EPM Consultant
  9. Forward Thinker
  10. Oracle Apps Developer
  11. Solution Architect (Oracle Apps)

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