#Kscope Foundation and Data Management Track

Matthias HeliosHi, this is Matthias Heilos, practice lead for data integration at MindStream Analytics. The purpose of this blog post is to give you an idea of the selection process for the Kscope13 presentations as well as what to look forward to.

The Kscope content chair asked me to lead the Foundation and Data Management track for this year’s Kscope conference which I was excited to accept. This meant having the pleasure of working with some of the most influential and knowledgeable experts and selecting the most valuable presentations for Kscope. The group that helped me select the content for this track consisted of highly-experienced leaders and managers from industry, consulting, as well as Oracle employees (which provided some inside knowledge).

Our goal was to select the best sessions from a pool of almost 100 submitted abstracts that would guarantee the best mix of topics as well as depth of content for conference attendees. Kscope has earned the reputation of being among the best – if not THE best – conference for EPM professionals from both the finance and technical sides. Therefore, the bar is always set high to make sure the delivered content meets the expectations of the audience and confirms the excellent reputation of the conference itself.

As mentioned above, a large number of abstracts had been submitted. Considering the number of presentations that our track had been allotted, it was very hard to select the presentations and even harder to reject some very good ones – unfortunately that’s always the case, as I know from previous years as well. The breadth of knowledge that our group collectively possessed gave us confidence to come up with a great selection.

From a Foundation and Infrastructure perspective, you will be able to learn about installing the EPM suite, new features in the latest release ( will be released prior to or around Kscope), Life Cycle Management (LCM), as well as developing excellent support personnel. There will also be an opportunity to discuss upgrade options in a panel discussion.

In the Data Management arena, we will cover various tools for data integration and management, discussing selection as well as general usage of FDM, ODI, ERPi, EPMA, DRM, and EAL, upgrade options from FDM to ERPi, how to build better integration processes with ODI, practical SQL skills that were found valuable in the EPM space, as well as ideas for thinking outside the box. Client presentations will cover case studies on ERPi, DRM, and EAL.

In a nutshell, that’s it! We are getting closer to Kscope13, so if you are still contemplating whether or not to attend, I hope this overview will make the decision to meet us in New Orleans easier. You should now have a good idea of what you can expect to learn about EPM Foundation as well as Data Management topics. If there are any questions, please contact the content chair or email me at mheilos@mindstreamanalytics.com.

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