Preparing for #Kscope13 - Mike's Top 10 List

Mike_MardiGrasWorldGuest Blogger: Mike Riley, Kscope13 Conference Chair

A lot of folks may consider the tips below to be common sense, but I thought this might be the kind of article that will spur your preparations for Kscope13 to the next level.

What!?! Some of you haven’t registered yet??? Well, Advance Registration ends June 9, so you still have a few days to register and save $300.00 off of the final price. Head on over to to take care of that.

So, here is my top ten list of things that may be a good idea for you to be ready for:

#10. Do your dieting before you get to New Orleans.

This city has such a great mix of great food! Morning – head on over to Café du Monde for their world famous beignets and chickory coffee. Lunch – find a po’ boy or a muffaletta sandwich, available in many places within easy walking distance of the Sheraton. Dinner – choose from a number of famous restaurants. Popular and delicious choices might include one of Emeril’s restaurants, the world famous Acme Oyster House, or one of my favorites, GW Fins. Of course, breakfast and lunch are always provided for conference attendees during the conference, and traditionally we have the BEST conference food around, but you may want to sneak out for one of these meals anyway.

#9. Bring your business cards.

 Kscope is known for its many networking opportunities. From the Sunday Night Welcome Reception, the Happy Hours on Monday and Tuesday Nights, the Special Event on Wednesday, to the Monday Night Events, Tuesday crossover sessions, the Walking Photo Tour of New Orleans, and of course, our acclaimed Community Service Day, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with other attendees. The speakers are approachable, the ODTUG board is always around to talk with, and of course your peers are there for the same reason that you are, to learn and network with the greatest collection of Oracle enthusiasts around.

#8. Get your HANDS ON (training that is).

 Kscope has lots of hands on training opportunities available. From Application Express, ADF, the Database, Developers Toolkit, Business Intelligence, Essbase, and .NET, we’ve got you covered. These sessions are available to registrants on a first come, first serve basis. Several are full already, but you can head to the rooms and hope for some no-shows if you aren’t able to register online. These sessions are also bring your own computer (or tablet, in one case). See the details here. As always, our hands on training is INCLUDED in you r registration fee (there are no add-on costs).

#7. Bring your own computer.

Speaking of bringing your own computer, well, bring your own computer (or tablet, or smartphone). WiFi is available throughout the conference facilities and the hotel itself. As long as you’re not streaming NetFlix, or downloading the latest VirtualBox VM, there should be plenty of bandwidth for everyone. Be courteous of others at the conference, and it’ll go a long way to providing a great experience for all!

#6 . Get the mobile app.

Kscope13 has a new Mobile App this year. You’ll find it available on the Google Play Store and in the iTunes App Store for FREE. The app this year is much improved from last year’s. There are messaging capabilities, maps, links, and the ability to build your schedule and download presentations within the app itself. There is also a website for viewing the app from your computer, and best of all, they all sync to each other. No more making changes in one app, and having it not show up on the computer, or vice versa. No more multiple log ins. No more printing presentations from home and bringing them with you. Let us know your feedback on this app, as we keep trying to make it better each year.

#5. Learn about WIT.

I know, you may be wondering what is WIT? Well, this is our first ever Women in Technology Panel. Headed by the esteemed Kellyn Pot’Vin, this should be a great session for ALL (not just women). In fact, as I hear it, there will be a male panelist. What?? On a women’s panel? Well, come and find out about this as Kellyn leads this group in a great session. Kellyn presented this panel at the most recent RMOUG conference to rave reviews.

#4. Have lunch and learn!

Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Lunch and Learn is a traditional sponsor and supporter of ODTUG. They are the leaders of the Oracle ACE Director / ACE Program, and we have a great list of Oracle ACE Directors and ACE’s attending and presenting at Kscope13 this year. Grab your lunch on Tuesday, and find your favorite room of ACE Directors for a lively, one hour panel discussion featuring some of the best and brightest as recognized by the team at Oracle as being independent and excellent ambassadors of Oracle technology.

#3. Don’t dare miss the Special Event

The folks who welcomed you with champagne in formal attire for an experience like no other at the Queen Mary in 2011, and dressed in their cowboy/cowgirl duds for an authentic evening at a working ranch (including a rodeo) at the Knibbe Ranch in 2012, welcome you to Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World in 2013! There is nothing more quintessentially New Orleans than Mardi Gras, and that is embodied nowhere better than at our special event venue. Be prepared to have a great time seeing the “float den” where the Mardi Gras floats are housed and built. Then you’ll be off to the Grand Oaks Mansion for a vintage Louisiana mansion experience, rocking the night away to some great music, and a fireworks finale like none other. Be prepared. We’re saving some surprises along the way for you so you’ll have a great time! Transportation will be provided to and from the event venue and the Sheraton Hotel.

#2. Give back.

Our annual Community Service Day is our signature event. We started this tradition in New Orleans in 2008, and have worked on schools, nature preserves, and Boys and Girls Clubs every year since. It is a great experience where we give back to the community we are visiting. It ties in so well with the nature of ODTUG as a volunteer organization. This event takes place the day before the conference starts, which means that some folks come in a day early just to give back to the New Orleans community. Look for highlights of this day throughout the conference and all year round. This year, we’ll be working at the Warren Easton Charter High School. Registration is full, but you can still give back by making a donation online.

#1. Be inspired by our keynote speaker.

 I am really looking forward to our keynote speaker this year. Doc Hendley, a 2009 CNN Hero, will be our special guest. Doc is the president and founder of the Wine to Water organization. From bartender and musician to one of the world’s most inspiring speakers and volunteers, Doc is leading the charge to bring clean water to those that do not have access to it. Listen, along with me, and be inspired to dare to dream and make a difference in the world! More details of the keynote can be found here.

I encourage you to make your own top ten list for Kscope13. But the #1 item on that list has to be this – BE THERE!


Thanks! See You in New Orleans!

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