You already have your own personalized MyPage!

At the heart of our new website is an enhanced membership directory, your member profile and personalized MyPage—which has already been set up for you based on your membership details. The Member MyPage concept is designed around the idea of allowing each user to personalize their member profile and is the first step in building a searchable collaboration tool.

So what can you do to make your MyPage your own?

  • You can customize the visibility settings of your MyPage to show exactly the information you want to show. This allows you to hidde any information you may not want shared with other users. 
  • You can update links to other social networking systems, making your My Page your one-stop, professional, on-line resource for others to find you
  • You can update your picture to give other members a snapshot of who you are
  • You can add custom content to the bottom of your My Page as well! Link to videos, upload pictures, put links to favorite websites and more...

To get started, just select "My Page" from the My Options drop down in the upper right corner of any page. So get personalized today!

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