Flashback Friday – Cary Millsap Kscope 11 Interviews

Last year Mike Riley posted a phenomenal interview he conducted with one of Kscope11′s database guru’s and Kscope12′s Monday night keynote, Cary Millsap.  In Millsap’s keyonote:Learning about Life through Business and Software he will share his thoughts about raising a family, running his own business (Method R Corporation) and more.  At Kscope12 Millsap will also be presenting Instrumentation: Why You Should Care.

To find out what Cary had to say about Kscope11 and why “Kscope is just the right place for me to be,” check out this post: http://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/carymillsap-kscope-is-just-the-right-place-for-me-to-be/

David Schleis also conducted an onscreen interview with Millsap at Kscope11.  Here is part one of their two part video.  Part 2 link: http://youtu.be/qeW5auImWww

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