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A Note from the Hyperion SIG President
By Deanna Sunde

This newsletter has two great articles from SIG Board members. Sarah Zumbrum tells about her experiences with the ODTUG Leadership Program last year, and Eric Helmer gives a lot of useful information about Planning in the cloud. We also have a fantastic article from ACE Director Tim Tow on Automating Essbase Outline Extracts to a Relational Database – a very interesting use case.

Going forward, we will be publishing the newsletter on a set schedule on a quarterly basis. So, watch your inbox! And we are very eager to get articles for the SIG newsletter from all of you! We would love to hear about your tips, tricks, and interesting EPM implementations. Email your ideas to ODTUGHyperionSIG@gmail.com. To encourage participation, I am offering a $50 gift card to the next one accepted (ODTUG Board members, SIG Board members, Oracle ACEs, and Oracle ACE Directors are not eligible).

Kscope14 is just around the corner. Wow, how time flies! We are in the midst of planning a special Monday night event. Details to follow. Also, a “shout out” to board member Amy Del Rosario, who is part of the Kscope14 Street Team and has been hosting pre-events in Seattle. We hope you can join us. Registration is now open! Visit Kscope14.com to sign up. Read below for details on the Early Bird Rate.

Kscope14 Early Bird Registration

Sign up for Kscope14 before March 25 to receive the $1,500 Early Bird Rate for members. With plans under way for Kscope14, we’d like to thank all of our sponsors – especially our Platinum Sponsors, Applied OLAP, interRel Consulting, and Vertical Edge – for making this an outstanding event. Check out our other great sponsors and exhibitors here. See you in Seattle!
A Graduate's View of the Leadership Program
By Sarah Zumbrum

I grew up in a Jack Welch household. What does that mean? My father has worked at General Electric since a year after I was born and, therefore, he “grew up” in GE under Jack Welch. He admired and looked up to him. He was so impressed with the man that he also brought Jack’s methods home to his eldest child – me. I remember my dad teaching me PowerPoint and how to properly shake hands with someone before I was ten. The active study of leadership was a focal point that my dad impressed upon me from an early age and one of the things I still keep active in my own personal and professional life.

About fourteen months ago, I saw that ODTUG was going to be selecting people to join its inaugural Leadership Program. Having been a presenter at Kscope 2011 and been enlightened to the amazing educational opportunities afforded by the group, I was instantly attracted to the opportunity. Read more here.

Oracle Ace Corner: Introducing Oracle Planning in the Cloud – Is It Right for You?
By Eric Helmer 

What Is Planning in the Cloud?
At last year’s OpenWorld, Oracle's top product managers made it clear that the immediate internal vision is to make all Oracle software available on the cloud as well as on-premise. The latest addition is Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS). Oracle’s cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, allowing users to essentially rent software over time instead of purchasing it outright. Read the full article here.

Automating Essbase Outline Extracts to a Relational Database Using the Next Generation Outline Extractor
By Tim Tow 

Many Essbase customers regularly extract Essbase outline metadata for a variety of reasons. One common reason companies use outline metadata is for building dimensions in other Essbase databases. In earlier versions of Essbase, there was no good way to extract the outline information to a usable format. Starting in Essbase 11.1.2.x, the Maxl scripting language introduced the capability to export outline information to an XML format, but Oracle has not yet created any tools that consume the XML in its native format. As such, there is a need for other outline extraction tools such as the recently released Next Generation Outline Extractor. Click here to read more.

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