Morning Chi Gung at Kscope14

This post is by guest blogger, ACE Director, former ODTUG board member, and Oracle Data Warrior Kent Graziano.

For years, ODTUG’s conference slogan has been “Work Hard, Play Hard.” To do that, at full throttle, for four to five days in a row, away from home and your normal routine, you need to be in top form – physically, mentally, and emotionally. For the fourth year now, I will be running my popular Morning Chi Gung session each morning (Sunday-Thursday) at 7:00 AM somewhere on (or near) the grounds of the Kscope14 host hotel, the Sheraton Seattle. Join me there for a thirty-minute session of moving meditation to get you ready for your day in Seattle.

For those who do not know, Chi Gung (or Qigong) is an ancient Chinese health practice designed to calm and focus the mind, strengthen the body, and increase overall energy level (Chi). It is practiced by thousands every day in China and all over the world for its health benefits. Often referred to as “moving meditation,” Chi Gung breathing exercises have been shown to have innumerable health benefits as the gentle motions aid in the flow of Chi energy throughout your system. For those who may have enjoyed the evening festivities a bit too much, the Chi Gung exercises will also help you detoxify your system before you head in for a nutritious breakfast.

In these thirty-minute sessions, I will guide you through several easy-to-learn routines. The movements are similar to Tai Chi, but they are for improving your health and have no martial arts or self-defense intentions.

Even if you have existing health issues, each routine can be varied in intensity to fit your particular needs and goals. Once you learn the routines, you can continue to practice them on your own, anywhere, at any time when you just need a break or want to recharge before the next big meeting.

Check out this video and introductory article on my blog to see what a session looks like:

Here are a few of the comments I received about the sessions from past attendees:

“Kent organized the Chi Gung class at this year’s ODTUG Kscope 2011 event, which was very enjoyable. A very relaxing way to start the day. Kent explained the exercises very clearly, which made it easier to follow for first-time practitioners.”

“Kent provided Chi Gung sessions to supplement an IT conference. It was a great way to set us up for the day, and it was great fun. Kent was patient and yet educational, repeating the main concepts each day for new people. I attended for five consecutive days and would have loved to have done more.”

Come join me each morning to start your day and continue this ODTUG tradition!

- Kent (the Oracle Data Warrior)

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