Volunteering with ODTUG: A Great Experience

In the last newsletter, I highlighted some of the volunteers working hard behind the scenes of the EPM Community. This quarter I would like to highlight how you can get involved.

There are different routes one can take to get involved in the EPM Community and ODTUG. I first got involved when I spoke at the Kscope11 conference in Long Beach. I really enjoyed my first user group experience and wanted to get involved more but was stumped as to how to do that. Later the following year, I saw an advertisement about an inaugural Leadership Program and figured that was my opportunity, should I get selected. I did, and I was enlightened to the user group experience. Opal Alapat, the EPM/BI content chair for Kscope15, got her start in ODTUG by getting selected as a speaker for Kscope12 in San Antonio. She continued to speak and also expanded her role by participating in the content selection process. She has been involved in content selection ever since and is now also volunteering with the ODTUG Newcomer’s Community and in local user groups.

As you can see, we got involved and started volunteering in different ways. If you are interested in volunteering within the EPM Community, Kscope, or ODTUG, the first step should be to visit www.ODTUG.com/volunteer. In this screen (also shown below), some basic information is asked so you can be considered for the right area. This is also an area where you can choose where you would like to volunteer, whether it is general ODTUG, the EPM Community, marketing, etc. In the comments section, please write what you’d like to do with ODTUG. Are you interested in helping with Kscope15 registration? Being a Twitter warrior for the EPM Community? Anything you feel would help the EPM Community and ODTUG is welcome! And, of course, we encourage new ideas and methods of volunteerism.


Once you fill out the form, you will receive a confirmation on the screen. Then your information gets sent directly to the ODTUG team for review and distribution to the right folks. If an opportunity is available, you will be contacted by the respective team leader.

One of the easiest ways to get involved on the conference side is to sign up to be a Kscope Ambassador! Anyone that has a full pass can be an Ambassador! This duty involves helping speakers distribute and collect session ratings. You also get your name put into a drawing to win a free Kscope conference pass!

If you are interested in volunteering, please use the ODTUG volunteer website to get involved. We will do our best to plug you in where you desire and can best help build our amazing ODTUG EPM Community.

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