Calling All EPM Volunteers

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Ladies and gentlemen...we are proud to announce the new ODTUG Volunteer Job Board!

What is it?

The ODTUG Volunteer Job Board (version 1.0) is a simple list of approved volunteer opportunities. These listings can be found on the ODTUG website, and any ODTUG member (free or paid) can apply for volunteer opportunities that meet their unique needs. The Volunteer Job Board requires coordination and will be maintained on a regular basis by the community leaders, volunteer initiative owners, and the ODTUG website team. 

The goal of this volunteer job board is to create more touch points with our community members by publicly providing opportunities of different shapes and sizes that can help anyone get involved with ODTUG. We felt that a web format with listings was the most scalable and visible for an organization of our size. 

Each volunteer initiative listed will have a short description, important details about the type of resource(s) needed, expected commitment time (both duration and regular hours), an application deadline, and a web application. In addition, a Code of Conduct will need to be agreed to. You must be an ODTUG member (free or paid) to apply, and you must be signed into the ODTUG website to see the listings. All applications will be reviewed by the volunteer initiative owner, and they will decide on final volunteer selection. Applicants can expect to receive results directly from them. You do not have to be part of a specific community in order to sign up for that community's volunteer initiative – if special technical skills are required, they will be specified.

At this point in time, the Volunteer Job Board is geared toward a small set of approved EPM Community initiatives. If this initial rollout goes smoothly, it's expected that the number of volunteer opportunities and initiative owners will scale incrementally over time to meet demand. In addition, we'll plan to migrate to other communities in need.

How did it start?

This initiative started in the summer of 2015 back at Kscope15. A group of passionate ODTUG members voiced their opinions about the... 



...the broken ODTUG volunteer program. People would sign up to be a volunteer on Kscope sign-up sheets or go through the ODTUG website volunteer form and then hear nothing back. In addition, the opportunities weren’t always known to the public, and not enough opportunities were available.

This conversation turned into a broader discussion with members of the ODTUG Board of Directors. A formal presentation was made to the Board in August with outlined design, timeline, and strategy. The first website draft was available in November and then tested in December. The new Code of Conduct was approved, and the first batch of EPM Community volunteer opportunities was created in January.

Folks, we heard you loud and clear. So now we're doing something about it. We're not promising perfection, and it's quite possible that we'll have to go through some growing pains to get this right, but we do want to make things better. Feedback is welcome.


I want to say a special thanks to the handful of folks responsible for helping me turn this idea into a reality. It takes a village. A huge thank you goes to these awesome people for staying the course and seeing this through to the end. All of your contributions are appreciated.

  • Amy Del Rosario – The Volunteer Job Board was her idea!
  • Elizabeth Ferrell – The plane maker!
  • Henry Robin – Thanks for sharing!
  • Courtney Foster – Keep the ideas flowing!
  • Mike LaBarge – Great feedback!
  • Janice D'Aiola – EPM meetup queen!
  • Jennifer Anderson – EPM marketing and social media guru!
  • Cameron Lackpour – Uber geek and the EPM Community liaison!
  • Natalie Delemar – Our fearless ODTUG leader!
  • ODTUG Board members, past and present – Hugs for your unanimous support on this initiative!
  • The superb folks at YCC – They constantly put up with my requests and changes (you know who you are, Erin and Veronica)!

Have time, will volunteer for ODTUG

If you'd like to get involved with the ODTUG EPM Community and are looking for an opportunity that fits your volunteer needs, please take a look at the new Volunteer Job Board. And keep checking it – the listings will change over time. 

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