Database Community: Kscope16 Agenda Highlights for the New and Inexperienced

Kscope16 has a fantastic range of presentations for database administrators and developers. If you’re just starting your career or you’re still the new kid on the block, then check out these picks by Erica Harris and Galo Balda from the Database Community team; they will provide some great building blocks to help you on your way:

  • Sunday Symposium: Oracle Database Cloud Overview  — Brian Spendolini
  • A Holistic Approach to Database Security — Robert Lockard
  • Automate Data Loading Using PL/SQL — Nelson Calero
  • Oracle Statistics by Example — Mauro Pagano
  • Get Your Money’s Worth out of Your Database — Patrick Barel
  • DBA 101: Calling All New Database Administrators — Gustavo Rene Antunez
  • What Is DevOps and Why You Should Care — Kris Rice
  • The Lab on Your Laptop: Technical Growth with "Hyperlocal Cloud Computing" — John Piwowar
  • Instrumentation for Oracle Database Development — Alex Nuijten
  • Writing SQL That Sucks Less — Bjoern Rost
  • The Most Important Things You Should Know About Oracle — Cary Millsap
  • Finding All the Red M&Ms: A Story of Indexes and Full Table Scans — Chris Saxon
  • Why Use PL/SQL? — Bryn Llewellyn
  • DBAs Can Use Oracle Application Express? Poppycock! — Joel Kallman
  • Managing the Changes in Database Structures Using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler — Heli Helskyaho
  • The PL/SQL Compiler Does More Than Compile! — Steven Feuerstein
  • PL/SQL All The Things in Oracle SQL Developer — Jeff Smith
  • PL/SQL and SQL Outtakes — Helen Sanders
  • Database Design for Developers — Heli Helskyaho
  • SQL Developer for the DBA — Jeff Smith
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