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martingifffydsouza.jpgI got the chance to ask one of our Oracle Application Express experts some questions about Kscope. Martin Giffy D’Souza has been a presenter and attendee at several of the Kaleidoscope conferences of the past, so I asked him my favorite set of questions and got some good answers back.

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MR: What’s the best thing about Kscope conferences?

MGD: “The people. You get an opportunity to meet and network with so many interesting and smart people. Each year I’ve learned a lot from both the excellent presentations and the conversations throughout the conference. The Wednesday night main event is also an amazing time.”

MR: Who do you most look forward to seeing a presentation from and why?

MGD: “The presentation I’m looking forward to the most isn’t an actual presentation. Last year, Scott Spendolini hosted an APEX open mic night where people had the opportunity to demo applications that they built. It was really interesting to see what people had done in an informal environment. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people present this year.

The top three presentations I’m looking forward to seeing are:

APEX Symposium on Sunday where, amongst other things, the Oracle APEX team will highlight the new features available in APEX 4.1

Dimitri Gielis – APEX in Big Projects with Many Developers

Roel Hartman – XFILES, the APEX 4 Version: The Truth is in There…”

MR: Why Kscope and not somewhere else?

MGD: “I don’t even think there’s a comparable event. This is the only event I know of (from the APEX viewpoint) that has most of the Oracle APEX team along with some of the best APEX developers in the world presenting at. The other thing that makes it great is that all the presenters are easily accessible since the conference is located in a single venue.”

MR: Have you ever been to Long Beach or visited the Queen Mary?

MGD: “No, but I’m looking forward to both of them. Given that Calgary was the coldest place on earth a few months ago I can’t wait to hit the beach!”

MR: Your all time favorite Kscope moment is…

MGD: “…was the one night (of many) at the hotel bar in Monterey during Kaleidoscope 2009. It was a long night but a great time with everyone!”

Many thanks, Martin. I look forward to seeing you in Long Beach!

Martin has his own blog at or on Twitter – @martindsouza(

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