Tim and Cameron's Most Excellent Farewell!

Tim Tow and Cameron Lackpour have served the ODTUG community as Board Directors for the past six years, but it is time (due to term limits) to say farewell to them as Directors, but never as influential ODTUG members. They have worked as Executive Committee members and Community liaisons and helped shape the direction of ODTUG as Directors. Together, Tim and Cameron have also hosted an annual EPM Meetup at Oracle OpenWorld, which has been famously dubbed “Tim and Cameron’s Most Excellent EPM Meetup.” The two of them have certainly been “most excellent” team players on the Board of Directors. 

Thank you, Tim and Cameron, and we bid you a most excellent farewell! 

Natalie Delemar, President: 

"I met Tim and Cameron in 2008 at the very first Kscope that included Hyperion content. Although very different in personality, they both care deeply and passionately about the EPM community. I have been fortunate to be mentored by both and I am blessed to call each a good friend.

My favorite memory of Tim is him taking me up in his plane where he temporarily lost his mind and gave me the controls. The best part was my children sitting in the back of the plane and screaming, "No, don't give it to her!!!!"

My favorite memory of Cameron happened during the first Kscope where he totally ditched me during the special event. I wanted to kill him, but found it in my heart to forgive.

I want to highlight just a few of their contributions:

Tim has maintained the most used EPM utility, outline extractor, on his own dime for years. He tirelessly answers questions on Network54 and is always willing to share his deep expertise, especially on the Essbase Java API.

I don't think I've ever met a Planning or Essbase developer who hasn't used Cameron's blog. He spends countless hours detailing how-to's and handy hacks on his blog. He is also very active on Network54 where he answers a ridiculous amount of questions.

On behalf of ODTUG, and specifically the EPM community, I want to thank them for the innumerable contributions they have made, and I know they will continue to make, to our ODTUG family."

Martin Giffy D’Souza, Vice President:

“I’ve been working with Cameron for five years on the Board, and for the entire time everyone has gotten the two of us mixed up. Cameron has taken this in stride and often jokes around that we’re 'ODTUG brothers.'

Cameron is one of the people that a lot of ODTUG members don’t often hear about despite that he has done a tremendous job behind the scenes. One fun fact that many people may not know is that within the ODTUG community, Cameron writes the longest blog posts, so long that he’s broken the ODTUG blog aggregator numerous times!

It’ll be different not having Cameron there next year, and I wish him all the best with whatever the future holds for him. If you see him at an event, be sure to say thank you for all the work that he’s done.

Like Cameron, I’ve been working with Tim on the board for five years. Tim has done a phenomenal job as treasurer and helped build and ensure that ODTUG remains fiscally solid. This financial security has allowed us to do many things to help benefit the community, including the leadership program and our recent focus on specialized Community events.

 I’m sure Tim will enjoy the time off and will hopefully spend it doing the things he loves, such as rock climbing, skiing, or flying (yes, he’s a pilot)!”

Danny Bryant, Director:

"While I have known Tim and Cameron for a number of years, I had the pleasure of serving on the ODTUG Board with them for the past 12 months. These two always brought a practical and no-nonsense approach to their roles. As members of the Executive team, they have helped lay down and maintain the framework that allows ODTUG to continue to grow and flourish. Personally, I've appreciated the guidance and encouragement they have both provided as I transitioned into leadership roles with the organization.

I appreciate your dedication to ODTUG and your friendship over the years. Congratulations on your years of service to ODTUG and the community as a whole. Your presence is valued and you will be missed.

Thank you, and I’ll be looking for the next great things from you both!"

Mike Riley, Director:

“My memories of Tim start back in February 2008. The vision of including the EPM Community at Kscope was but a dream, but by providing a room and any support required and allowing Tim Tow and Edward Roske the freedom to create compelling content, the EPM Community now calls ODTUG and Kscope home. Tim was the very first ODTUG Board Member to represent the EPM Community, starting back on the last day of ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008. Tim has been a visionary and cheerleader, tireless supporter, quality vendor, incredible speaker...the list is endless. Kscope and ODTUG would not be the same without his contributions! Thank you, my friend, but realize that just because you are not on the Board anymore doesn't mean you are off the hook!

Cameron, your contributions to this organization are too many to count. Your self-deprecating humor, wisdom, and work ethic are second to none. The EPM Community owes you a tremendous debt of gratitude for your years of service. I am still waiting to see your ODTUG tattoo, and maybe since you will not be on the Board anymore you will have time to take care of that. I appreciate our friendship, and look forward to your non-Board contributions to the ODTUG Community in the coming years!”

Opal Alapat, Director:

"Cameron and Tim were instrumental in putting the EPM stamp on ODTUG. I am grateful for what they have helped to pioneer, and EPM has a place to call home with ODTUG.

Once again, thank you to Cameron and Tim for all your hard work over the years! You have both truly helped make ODTUG the best Oracle user group there is!"

Gary Crisci, Director:

“Tim Tow had a significant impact on my professional career. Tim nominated me to be an Oracle ACE when very few people in the Hyperion space knew what that was, and he was instrumental in my participation with ODTUG. My experience with Tim is not unique; he has always been willing to help others, and that trait is one that made him very successful at ODTUG. The community has benefited tremendously from having Tim’s involvement, and I am sure we will continue to see him around, still offering to help others. Thanks, Tim.

One of the things I appreciate the most about Cameron Lackpour is how intelligent he is, beyond Essbase. We all know Cameron for his EPM talents, but having the opportunity to work with Cameron over the years, I’ve come to realize he is one of the smartest people I know. A very clever individual who has carried the trademark ODTUG trait – the willingness to help others. Cameron has put in an incredible, and extremely admiral, amount of time to ODTUG. We all owe him a great deal of gratitude for the fantastic user community that ODTUG has become for EPM. We will miss your leadership. Cameron. Thank you.”

Roel Hartman, Director: 

"Tim and Cameron have been the solid backbone of the ODTUG Board for many years. Although all their work didn’t get much into the spotlight, it was of the utmost importance to the success of ODTUG. They surely will be missed, and the next Board will have a real challenge to replace them!"




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