Big Data and Data Warehousing Kscope17 Track Highlights – Michael Rainey

Here is an overview of Big Data and Data Warehousing sessions Track Lead Michael Rainey is most looking forward to at Kscope17 with reasons why he thinks you should attend them:  

Architecture Live: Designing an Analytics Platform for the Big Data Era – Jean-Pierre Dijcks, Oracle Corporation and Stewart Bryson, Red Pill Analytics

This session will be particularly interesting because it will be a live, interactive session, which is a different style of presentation that we think will work very well with the Kscope audience. With Jean-Pierre and co-presenter, Oracle ACE Director Stewart Bryson, this session includes two great speakers who are knowledgeable about the topic.

Things Every Oracle DBA Needs to Know About the Hadoop Ecosystem – Zohar Elkayam, Brillix-DBAces

We think there are a lot of folks in the Oracle Database space that still don't know much about Hadoop or Big Data. Oracle ACE Associate Zohar looks to fill that void and give attendees a good introduction and path toward more learning.

Making Smart Devices Even Smarter (Including iKettles) with Oracle Cloud and Oracle Big Data Discovery – Mark Rittman, Rittman Mead Consulting

I think anyone who is on Twitter would want to know about the iKettle story! Mark Rittman, Oracle ACE Director, will teach you about the data and real story behind iKettle. We know Mark will be very entertaining in describing what happened as well!

The Hybrid World – RDBMS + Hadoop – Kerry Osborne, Accenture Enkitec Group

Along the same lines as the "Things Every Oracle DBA Needs to Know About the Hadoop Ecosystem" session, this session will show an actual use case of how Hadoop is implemented in a hybrid fashion with an Oracle Database. In this session, Oracle ACE Director, Kerry Osborne, will show attendees that there is a new world available that can take advantage of open source software and open data formats, while continuing to use your Oracle Database and applications with very little change.


About Michael Rainey – The Big Data and Data Warehousing Kscope17 Track Lead

As a Technical Advisor at Gluent Inc, Oracle ACE Director Michael Rainey spends his time sharing the good word about Gluent Inc products with the world. In his spare time, Michael enjoys sharing his data integration knowledge on his blog, speaking at Oracle OpenWorld and various other conferences, and via webinars and podcasts. Michael loves the outdoors and enjoys riding his bike along the Columbia River, running, hiking, and spending time with his wife and son.

Kscope17 will be Michael’s fifth straight year attending the conference. His favorite Kscope in the past was in Seattle, Washington in 2014. Michael lives in Washington state, so he was thought of as the “local” at the conference, providing all sorts of recommendations to everyone he met. Michael said, “By the end of the week, I had around 10 people drinking my favorite local craft brew!”

Michael returns to Kscope year after year partly because of the content provided, but mostly because of the people. He enjoys catching up with old friends and meeting new ones every year. At Kscope17, Michael is excited that the 5K is back and he cannot wait for the special event ODTUG 20th Birthday Celebration on Wednesday night! He said, “The Kscope party is always perfect for letting your collar down after several long days of excellent technical sessions!”

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