My ODTUG Kscope17 Top 5 Sessions

Kscope17 is just under six weeks away, and it’ll be here before you know it! I’ve been asked to highlight 5 sessions from the APEX track that I’m looking forward to. Here they are along with some of my thoughts:

Managing Node.js Instances with Oracle APEX - Kai Donato

I’ve done some collaboration with Kai over the past year with Javascript and APEX and I always learn something new from him and his expertise with Node.js and APEX. After using Node.js for managing my release processes, I’m interested to see how Kai is using APEX to manage his Node.js instances.

Performant Faceted Search Navigation in APEX with Oracle JET and PL/SQL Table Pipelines - Erik Espinoza

You may have never heard of “faceted search navigation” but I guarantee you’ve used it before. Have you ever shopped on Amazon and used the left side filter list options? That type of search filtering is called faceted searching. After integrating such features into an application, I’m curious to see how Erik does this with JET and APEX. I’m sure this will be something we can all add to our applications afterwards.

OMG! JavaScript Straight from the Oracle Database - Dimitri Gielis

I recently spoke to Dimitri about this presentation and it should be very interesting. There’s some things that are much easier to do in JavaScript than PL/SQL such as JSON manipulation. Right now I need to create Node.js RESTful services to pass data back and forth. Having the ability to use JavaScript directly in the database could be a huge time saver and enhance APEX applications that use JSON data inputs.

Docker for Dummies - Roel Hartman

First there were virtual machines, now there’s Docker. Docker is good for bundling entire applications in a thin environment. Instead of bundling software in an installation package, you can create an image with everything bundled in it so you don’t need to worry about dependencies etc. With Docker, you can quickly use APEX instances, ORDS, web servers, and Node.js apps for REST testing. Learning Docker is a must for APEX developers and this session will help you get started.

Oracle APEX - NLP, AI, and Bot Integration - John Scott

John has won the Kscope speaker of the year award several times and his sessions are always entertaining and very informative. NLP, AI, and Bots are all hot items in the tech industry, and I really look forward to seeing how John has integrated them into his APEX applications. This presentation is a must-see in my agenda.

APEX Presenters in the Database Track

After last year’s Kscope16, we asked several of the APEX presenters to also submit content for the Database track. Be sure to check out their presentations and learn more about DB development, which is always helpful with your APEX development.

  • Open-Source PL/SQL Utility Tools for Oracle - Martin D’Souza
  • Six Reasons Why You Will Get Addicted to SQLcl Scripting - Sabine Heimsath
  • Oracle 12c for Developers - Alex Nuijten


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