Martin D'Souza's Farewell

Martin D'Souza has served the ODTUG community as a board director for six consecutive years, from 2012 to 2017. During this time, Martin has served on the Executive Committee, the Marketing Committee, and as an APEX Community Liaison. In 2008, Martin attended his first ODTUG Kscope in New Orleans, and he has attended and presented at every ODTUG Kscope since. In 2011, Martin was awarded the Overall Top Speaker for his presentation, APEX 4 + HTML 5 = Awesome. In 2013, Martin was awarded the Top Speaker Award in the APEX track for his presentation, Intro to Responsive Design in APEX. At ODTUG Kscope17 in San Antonio, Martin was awarded Overall Top Speaker for his presentation, Explore the APEX APIs

Thank you, Martin, for your commitment to the Board of Directors the past six years. You will be missed! 


Natalie Delemar, President

"Martin’s contribution to ODTUG has been nothing short of revolutionary. As the leader of the APEX community, Martin executed and delivered on a vision to make the community more collaborative and integrated through local meetups (200+ meetups and counting), a very active social media presence, and through his support of the unifying site of APEX.World. This became a template for the broader organization and our other communities. Martin has been consistent, hardworking and dedicated throughout his tenure as a board member. I have personally appreciated Martin’s candor and his ability to challenge and push the board to be more accountable, thoughtful, and reflective. His love and passion for the Oracle community can also be seen in his highly rated presentations, his packed-out webinars, and his continued contribution to APEX.World. Although Martin is leaving the board, I have no doubt he will continue to be a leader by inspiring the next generation of technologists to grow and give back to the Oracle community. Thank you so much, Martin! We are forever in your debt for your sacrifice of time and talent to our community!"

Danny Bryant, Vice President

"Martin has been a solid and consistent force in both the community and in his various roles on the ODTUG board. From the moment I met Martin at ODTUG Kscope12, he has been the most selfless person, always ready to lend a hand when and where he can. From a community perspective, he is a prolific contributor to the APEX body of knowledge. As a board member, he is steadfast and true, always thinking of what's best for ODTUG. He's always there when you call. His advice is always delivered with genuine consideration.

Martin, your calm, cool, and collective nature will be missed, and no matter how many times you say the APEX community just runs itself, I'm gonna bet it runs just a little bit better because of you. Thanks for your leadership and service to us all."

Mike Riley, Secretary

"I recall back in 2011, I believe, that Monty Latiolais and I had a conversation about getting Martin interested in running for the ODTUG board. We both reached out to him, and encouraged him to consider it. Shortly after he was elected, we had a face-to-face board meeting in San Antonio in January 2012. And what was Martin’s first motion as a board member? Why, to accept my resignation as president of ODTUG. Gratitude, I tell you! I help to get him on the board just so he can kick me off.

Martin’s contributions to the ODTUG board, and the ODTUG community as a whole, would take longer than I have to extol upon. Needless to say, Martin has been a calming influence on the board, never afraid to speak up and present an opposing view, but always willing to support what the board’s decision was. He has been dedicated and trustworthy, steadfast in representing the ODTUG community. In short, he is an outstanding board member, and one of the folks that I am glad, through my association with ODTUG, I can now call my friend. Congratulations, Martin, on a tremendous six-year run on the ODTUG board!"

Opal Alapat, Director and ODTUG Kscope18 Conference Chair

“Martin has done an amazing job representing the APEX community and continuing to challenge the ODTUG organization on new and interesting technologies. He’s worn many hats on the board and is not afraid to think outside of the box. Some of the coolest ideas over the years have come from him. Thank you for your contributions, Martin!”

Karen Cannell, Director

"Martin gets things done quietly, giving the illusion that nothing happens, while he quietly nudges things into place. It was a pleasure to work with him."

Karen's favorite Martin quote: "It's so easy, you really do not have to do anything."

Tim German, Director

"Martin is one of those special few people who completely embody 'community service' — a leading technologist, renowned blogger, superb speaker, ACE Director, and board member. It’s been a pleasure to serve with Martin on the ODTUG board since I joined a year ago. What has really struck me about him (despite his reputation as a terrifying spin instructor, and despite all his professional achievements) is how humble, considerate, and ready to listen he is. I know how much he’ll be missed on the board, but I also know how effectively he has inspired others to follow his lead with ODTUG, and that he’ll continue to be an integral part of the APEX community."




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