Essbase Track Highlights – Matias Panario

Matias Panario, Essbase track lead, shares his top four sessions with reasons why they are his “don’t-miss sessions” at ODTUG Kscope18:

Oracle Analytics Cloud for the Finance Analyst Tim German, Qubix and Kevin McGinley, Red Pill Analytics

Tim has a long history of Essbase presentations at ODTUG Kscope. For this session, Tim will present what I think will help a lot of those “on the fence” by sharing real-world examples of OAC and some of its features alongside with the DV world of possibilities. I’m willing to attend and learn from his experience in the field.

7 Essbase Calc Scripts SecretsEdward Roske and Glenn Schwartzberg, interRel

Year over year, InterRel has played a key role within the Oracle Essbase/OAC world and this year it won’t be different. They have a ton of experience in the field with technology and the most interesting part is that they’d love to share that with everybody. Edward and Glenn are great presenters and make their sessions super interesting and enjoyable.

Move and Improve Essbase Cubes from On-Premise to Cloud – Mike Larimer, Oracle Corporation and Rick Sawa, Kroger

For this session, I find it interesting to learn those changes that companies need to have at hand when moving on prem applications into the cloud. Since OAC has a different version of Essbase, it’ll be awesome to learn those tips to try to improve performance from scratch.

How Do You Do *That* in MDX? Tim Tow, Applied OLAP, and Jennifer Hanks, Key Performance Ideas

MDX is gaining momentum and Tim is one of those guys whose presentation you can look forward to. Jennifer is a great presenter alongside him with a hot topic. Tips and tricks, how-to, and advance techniques will definitely make this session a must-go for me and the Essbase community.


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