Planning Track Highlights – Leo Gonzalez

Leo Gonzalez, Planning track lead for ODTUG Kscope18, shares his top five Planning sessions with reasons why they are his "don't-miss sessions" at ODTUG Kscope18:

This year was Leo’s second year participating as a member of the Planning Track content selection team (his first year as the lead). After completing this first year as the Planning Track Lead, Leo said, “I can honestly say that selecting the ‘best’ content for an ODTUG Kscope conference is an arduous task! Every year there is so much great content submitted to our Planning track that it makes for some very long team discussions and some very difficult decisions.”

The ODTUG Kscope18 Planning Track content selection team had to review over 100 submitted abstracts and, as a team, they selected what they thought were the best Planning presentations. Leo commented, “We wanted to include a good mix of cloud offerings and case studies as well as some on-premise solutions for those people attending the conference that might not be on the cloud just yet.”

What's New and Coming in Planning Cloud Shankar Viswanathan, Oracle Corporation

With all the flurry of activity happening in the “Cloud” space, I’d definitely not miss Shankar’s presentation on what’s up and coming with all the Planning Cloud products. This session will provide an overview of the strategic direction of Oracle Planning Cloud; it will be filled with content on the latest and greatest features in the Planning Cloud. This will also be a great presentation to attend for anyone that will miss the Sunday Symposium.

Getting Started with Groovy and EPBCS – Jennifer Hanks, Key Performance Ideas

Jennifer Hanks was one of the top speakers at ODTUG Kscope17, where she won the Best Speaker award for the entire BI and Reporting Track.  So to me, this is another not-to-missed presentation for anyone that’s looking to get started with Groovy but has been intimidated to do so (I know I have!).  And Jennifer adds,Lots of code samples will be provided to help get you started on your own Groovy journey.”

Teaching On-Prem Planning some PBCS Tricks Brian Marshall, US-Analytics

I feel this presentation will resonate with many ODTUG Kscope18 attendees because they have seen and heard all the very cool features that all the Planning Cloud Services provide but they might not be quite ready to make jump to the cloud. So, Brian will be sharing how to bring some of the PBCS features into on-premise Planning applications. This session will also have some sample code needed “to get your shiny new PBCS tricks up and running on your old-school on-premise application.”

Putting Predictive Planning to Work – Ron Moore, Edgewater Ranzal

I’m personally very interested in learning and getting a better understanding of the new Predictive Planning module. Predictive Planning is advanced statistical forecasting made easy and it is tightly integrated into EPBCS. This looks to be a very promising session for those of us “intrigued” by the power of Predictive Planning.

Happily Ever After: ODTUG and Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Solution (EPBCS) – Gary Crisci, General Electric

And lastly, what can I say about this presentation? Practice what you preach, right? This is probably my No. 1 must-attend session of ODTUG Kscope18! Now that ODTUG has gone live with Oracle’s EPBCS to manage its financial reporting and budgeting needs, ODTUG Director and Oracle ACE Gary Crisci will demonstrate what it took to deploy an EPBCS application for ODTUG.  I’ve attended many of Gary’s presentations at past Kscopes and they’ve all been amazing. He’s a great speaker with very useful information. I will more than likely attend this session. See you in Orlando!


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