Financial Close Track Highlights – Julien Coudrette

Julien Coudrette, Financial Close track lead for ODTUG Kscope18, shares his top five Financial Close sessions with reasons why they are his "don't-miss sessions" at ODTUG Kscope18:

HFM and FCCS: Make the Future a Little More Known Eric Erikson, PQR Company

Eric Erikson will offer us his perspective on the future of the financial close. Whether you want to move to the cloud in six months or in six years, you should attend this session to know how to get ready!

Implementation of Integrated Cloud Consolidation Solution at Mid-Size Company Conrad D De Steur, Peloton Group  and Michael Francis Goeke, Trident Maritime Systems

If you are eager to learn from clients who have implemented FCCS, this session is for you. I am looking forward to the details they have to share about how they were able to satisfy the auditor’s requirements, and their shared data model between FCCS and EPBCS.

How to Move HFM to EPM Cloud Prasad Tungaturthy, Oracle Corporation

The “how-to” guide for cloud migrations. This should be a very useful and practical session. In particular, I want to learn about the migration tool that Oracle proposes.

HFM Rules for Absolute Beginners Chris Barbieri, Finit Solutions

New to HFM rules? This session will help you get started and teach you skills you will be able to apply as soon as you get back from the conference. Chris Barbieri, Oracle ACE, is a fun and knowledgeable presenter.

Account Reconciliations, a Required Control but a Huge Burden. If Only There Was a Way to Improve the Process . . . There is ARM!! Chris Sotiroff, Archer Daniels Midland Company and Marc Atos, THG

Account Reconciliation (ARM/ARCS) is a trending topic in the financial close domain. I want to hear the story of Archer Daniels Midland, who deployed ARM on a global scale.


About Julien Coudrette: Julien Coudrette is a manager and senior architect with Grant Thornton's Oracle Technology Solutions practice in San Francisco. He leads EPM projects, including consolidation and tax provisioning. Prior to joining Grant Thornton, Julien worked with Nell'Armonia in France and MarketSphere in the U.S., both-award winning consulting firms.

Julien is an HFM, Planning, Essbase, and DRM certified expert; he has successfully implemented some of the most complex HTP projects.

He has over 12 years of consulting experience with Oracle/Hyperion solutions, specializing in large projects with multiple applications that need to share a common model and communicate between each other and/or with the outside information system. 

He is currently leading Grant Thornton's transition to the cloud for the FCCS and TRCS products, and he served as the architect for some of the very first FCCS projects.

Product Experience: HFM, HTP, FCCS, TRCS, Essbase, Planning, FDMEE (and Classic), DRM, and ODI.


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