Big Data and Data Warehousing Track Highlights – Michael Rainey


ACE DirectorMichael Rainey, Big Data and Data Warehousing track lead, shares his top three sessions with reasons why they are his “don’t-miss sessions” at ODTUG Kscope18.

Michael says, “Overall, I'm very excited about the sessions selected for the Big Data and Data Warehousing track at ODTUG Kscope18. The content committee has selected a wide variety of topics to keep you on your toes and expand your breadth of knowledge about what's possible in the world of data integration.”

Here are a few highlighted ODTUG Kscope18 sessions that have piqued Michael’s interest:

Scaling Up with Docker, Kubernetes, and APEX to Pattern Match the Genome – Jerry Ward, Viscosity North America

What data could be more exciting than human genetics? Using popular technologies today, Jerry Ward will dive into real-life examples of genome pattern matching, searching the human genome for genetic patterns. Not only will the tech used in this talk be interesting, but so will the dataset. Oh by the way, it will all be visualized with an APEX web app.

Using Apache Kafka to Add Streaming Analytics to Your Application ACE DirectorDeveloper ChampionBjoern Rost, Pythian and ACE DirectorStewart Bryson, Red Pill Analytics 

A couple of longtime data and analytics guys will give us a first-hand look at how Apache Kafka, the extremely popular data streaming service, can be used to capture database transactions and flow them through your data pipelines. Data won't just flow from point A to point B, but it can also be transformed using the latest release from the Kafka open source team, KSQL. I can't wait to see how Stewart Bryson and Bjoern Rost use the new SQL on streaming data technology in live demos.

Assessment of the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud by an Early Adopter Oracle ACEHolger Friedrich, sumIT AG

Learning from someone who has first-hand experience with a new product is the best type of learning. I'm very interested to hear how Oracle's Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud compares with other DWs in the cloud on the market today. Holger Friedrich will discuss what's good, bad, and ugly about Oracle's offering versus other vendors, lending his opinion as needed. Look out for this talk on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse from an unbiased early adopter.


About ACE DirectorMichael Rainey: As a technical advisor, Michael Rainey spends his time developing trainings, white papers, news articles, and other content at Gluent. He also works with clients, sharing the good word about Gluent products with the world. Michael's expertise in data integration technologies enables him to provide a unique perspective to customers. In his spare time, Michael, an Oracle ACE director, enjoys sharing his data integration knowledge on his blog, as a speaker at Oracle OpenWorld and various user group conferences, and via webinars and podcasts. Michael loves the outdoors and enjoys riding his bike along the Columbia River, running, hiking, and spending time with his lovely wife and son.

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