APEX Track Highlights – Dietmar Aust

Here is an overview of a few sessions Application Express track lead, Dietmar Aust, is most looking forward to at ODTUG Kscope18 and why he will be attending them:

Maximum APEXJohn Scott, APEX Evangelists
A beautiful and functional UI is great and all. But true acceptance can only be achieved if your application runs fast. He will cover analytical tools and a number of step-by-step tweaks to improve the performance metrics of your application. Plus, John is a brilliant presenter and it is always a lot of fun to watch him perform.

APEX Nitro, From Zero to Hero  Vincent Morneau, Insum Solutions
Born out of necessity, APEX Nitro (free, MIT license) has become a very important tool to improve developer productivity when building APEX applications. Vincent will get you started for your next project. He was awarded the ODTUG innovation award for this development. If you are not already using it . . . you should. 

Editable Grid EssentialsKaren Cannell, TH Technology

Looking to upgrade your custom logic in tabular forms to interactive grids? Karen will give you guidance to implement the most common use cases with interactive grids. Interactive grids are still a very hot technology and are continually improved. 

3D: Docker for Database DevelopersRoel Hartman, APEX Consulting
Container technology is here to stay and cannot be ignored any longer. It easily supports continuous integration, managing your application life cycle, automated testing and production deployments. All of this can be done using a small resource footprint (RAM and disk). It gives us great flexibility. After explaining the Docker basics in 2017, he will now go into more details and advanced topics. 

Here’s a few sessions presented by the APEX development team:

Learn APEX new features straight from the horse's mouth. ODTUG Kscope18 features more sessions directly from the Oracle APEX development team than any other developer conference! We have a full day with APEX team members talking about the new features of Oracle APEX 18.1. You cannot afford to miss the APEX Sunday Symposium!

You will get the following sessions throughout the week: 
Chart Your Way to Success with APEX 18.1 JET Charts – Hilary Farrell
DATE, TIMESTAMP . . . and the APEX Calendar – Carsten Czarski
APEX Introduction – David Peake
Maximizing the Value of Municipal Open Data APIs with Low Code Development Tools – Marc Sewtz
Why Citizen Developers Should be Your New Best Friend – David Peake
Oracle APEX 18.1: An Update on Plug-In Development – Patrick Wolf
Building Big Things for Small Screens – Shakeeb Rahman
Taking Control of the Client Side – Leveraging new JavaScript APIs – Anthony Rayner
Migrating Oracle Forms to the Cloud using Application Express – David Peake

Aside from the great content, Dietmar is most looking forward to meeting the members of the Oracle APEX community who have become his dear friends over the years. The community, which Dietmar has been a proud member of since 2006, has grown a lot over the last 14 years. It really makes a difference to meet your fellow APEX developers in person. You get more insights and the opportunity to network with great developers is really awesome. Use it!


About Dietmar Aust: Dietmar Aust is working in Germany as a freelance consultant, focusing on Oracle Application Express and Oracle XE. Starting in 1997, he worked for three years as a consultant for Oracle in Germany. Since then, he has helped numerous leading companies to successfully deliver web-based applications based on the Oracle product stack, especially the Internet Application server Oracle Portal and Reports. He is a regular presenter at various Oracle conferences including ODTUG, OOW, and DOAG. He conducts training classes on APEX and co-authored the book Oracle APEX und Oracle XE in der Praxis on APEX best practices in German, as well as the book Expert Oracle Application Express in English. He was awarded Oracle ACE status in 2012. Find out more about him on his blog.


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