Database Track Highlights – Helen Sanders

If Helen had to choose one word to describe this year’s database track, it would be “INNOVATE.” 

Helen said, “With so much excellent content, that is relevant to both DBAs and developers, it’s very hard for me to select a top five! Since that’s the challenge that was given to me, (and I rarely shy away from a challenge), I give you the top five “not-to-be missed” sessions (in no particular order) of the ODTUG Kscope18 Database track.”

IT Wars: Developer vs. DBA or How to Get What You Want and Need  Jeff Smith and Maria Colgan, Oracle Corporation

See what happens when two of the best speakers (IMHO) come together to address head-on the never-ending debate between devs and DBAs: “who controls the world?” In this live-demo session, Jeff and Maria will roleplay developer and DBA, and simulate deploying a RESTful web-based service. They’ll walk the audience through an agile development approach that allows for making progress on the project as well as keeping the peace.

#19sverificado: How Data Analytics Helped Put Order to the Chaos During Mexico's Earthquake Gustavo Rene Antunez, Pythian

Rene is presenting a case-study on how a team of IT folks and data scientists helped create order out of chaos during the massive and deadly earthquake that hit Mexico in the fall of 2017. Their efforts inadvertently saved lives. Rene is an engaging presenter who I have heard speak at other conferences, and what topic could be more compelling than techies saving lives?

The True Value of Blockchain . . . and It Ain't Bitcoins  Danny Bryant, Snowflake Computing

Wait a minute—blockchain isn’t just about Bitcoins?? Join ODTUG’s own dynamic VP, Danny Bryant, as he talks about the concepts around blockchain technology and some of the different ways in which that technology is being used.

It’s All About Bots: How Chatbots Can Revive Your Legacy Applications Mia Urman, AuraPlayer

Ever heard the phrase “innovate or die”? Join the always-engaging Mia Urman as she presents both a case study and live demo of Oracle’s Intelligent Bot Service, and how it can help your back-office applications become a transformative part of your business. Let’s face it, who would you rather be when you grow up: Blockbuster Video or Amazon?  

Innovative Specifications for Better Performance Logging and Monitoring Cary Millsap, Cintra Software and Services

Known for his storytelling approach to presenting, Cary Millsap will be speaking on the performance logging features of the Oracle database, including the extended SQL tracing feature—and how to enable or disable it. You’ll learn more innovative ideas around how to create applications that are easier to monitor and manage from database design through deployment.


About Helen Sanders: Helen Sanders is a seasoned professional with over 19 years of experience in the IT industry. She worked as a database developer first on an IBM mainframe writing COBOL for several years before her employer, Temple University, moved to an ERP system. It was through her support of Ellucian's banner product that she became exposed to Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, and the ODTUG community.

Helen is a graduate of ODTUG's second Leadership Class, and is program coordinator for the 2016-2017 class. She obtained a master's degree in educational leadership in 2013 and was promoted to an assistant director for the Student Collaboration Center in the applications support services area at Temple University during the summer of 2015. In the fall of 2016, she began her second master's program in business analytics.

Helen is very active in the ODTUG Database community and was on the committee to merge the DBA/development communities into one cohesive unit. She has organized TwitChats for the community, is involved with the community newsletter, and helps manage the community's LinkedIn group. She has served on the Kscope15, 16, and 17 Abstract Review Committees for the database track as well as for RMOUG (2015, 2016) and GAOUG (2015, 2016). She is the Database Track Lead for ODTUG Kscope18 and 19.

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