ODTUG Kscope18 Update #4

A huge thank you to all of my buddies who sent personal emails offering their assistance at the conference. I am very grateful and continually amazed by this super awesome ODTUG community.

Are you looking for a way to volunteer at ODTUG Kscope18? It’s a low- commitment role, and we’d welcome you with open arms. Anyone attending ODTUG Kscope18 can find a volunteer position that fits their schedule! If you want a way to meet new and exciting friends at the conference, here are a few ideas:


Kathleen McCasland Community Service Day at UP Orlando

Orientation meeting: Saturday, June 9 – show up between 7:30 and 8:15 a.m. at a designated location.

Requirements: Must be onsite bright and early.

Registration: https://kscope18.odtug.com/page/community-service-day

This year, ODTUG is excited to dedicate Kscope’s Community Service Day to Kathleen McCasland, former YCC owner and ODTUG’s longest-serving executive director. We will be heading to UP Orlando at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 9, the day before the conference begins, to help in the Member Grocery Center. UP Orlando provides crisis care, case management, transformative education, food and household subsidy, employment training and placement, personal empowerment training, and active referrals to other collaborative social service providers to all people living in poverty and seeking to improve their situation. Join us to give back to the local community!


Bag Stuffing

Orientation meeting: Saturday, June 9 at 1 p.m. (right after Community Service Day!) at a designated location.

Requirements: Must be onsite at the conference by 1 p.m.

Sign-up: None—just show up!

If you are a full registered attendee, we saddle you with a marvelously practical conference bag filled with all sorts of sponsor goodies and loads of information about ODTUG Kscope18. But . . . how do those bags get filled?

Ah, during the wonderful event that we have creatively called “bag stuffing.”

It happens after Community Service Day on Saturday. We get some long tables, stack all the bag inserts in a row, form several mass-production lines and . . . have a blast! A group of volunteers gets together and we stuff the bags together! Bag stuffing will happen approximately from 1-4 p.m. at a TBD location that we’ll announce closer to the conference. Come join us! Hang out, help us stuff some bags, and get to know your ODTUG comrades better! No need to sign up in advance. Just show up and join in the fun!


Room Ambassador

Orientation meeting: Sunday, June 10 from 5:00-5:30 p.m. in Northern Hemisphere E 3/4.

Requirements: Must be able to attend at least one session Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday.

Sign-up board: Sign up in advance here.

ODTUG Kscope Room Ambassadors have an important duty—they help the session speaker by reminding attendees to fill out the session evaluations, handing out session evaluations, chasing down the A/V staff if there is a logistics problem, and delivering completed session evaluations back to the core ODTUG team. Room Ambassadors can sign up for the sessions they’re already attending on a sign-up board near the registration area. All Room Ambassadors receive special badge flare for their assistance, and, most importantly . . . their names are entered into a drawing to win a complimentary pass to ODTUG Kscope19! Many ODTUG members have shared stories about how the Ambassador program helped them. It’s a great way to network with the session speaker, the core ODTUG team, and to win a free pass to the next ODTUG Kscope conference!



Orientation meeting: None. Please become familiar with the venue maps and daily events ODTUG Kscope18 page.

Requirements: Must be an ODTUG Kscope “veteran” (attended many Kscope conferences and understands the ebb and flow).

Sign-up board: Virtual – please reach out to mike@odtug.com

Are you an ODTUG Kscope aficionado who can help guide the ODTUG Kscope newcomers down the right path? If so, we have a volunteer position for you! Join the K-Team! K-Team members are available to help newcomers take advantage of everything ODTUG Kscope has to offer. Interested in joining the team? The first 40 will receive a special button to signify they are members of the K-Team. This button shows newcomers that you are there to help!


We are so looking forward to ODTUG Kscope18! We are now less than three short weeks away! See you there!


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