#ODTUG Elections 2010

voting.gif“The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret ballot or by equivalent free voting procedures.”  – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 21

Every year, about one half of the ODTUG Board is voted upon in an open election of the members.  Board Members are responsible for setting direction and representing the ODTUG Membership.  Each candidate has been nominated for a position on the ODTUG Board, and has shown a willingness to do so for a two-year term.  This year, the popularity and growth of ODTUG, along with an excellent group of volunteers willing to step forward to represent the membership, has produced the largest set of candidates in the HISTORY of ODTUG.  There are 14 candidates vying for 4 open Board positions.

How should you choose among the candidates?

That’s the toughest part of the process.  Among the many candidates, there are current Board Members (like myself), former Board Members, some returning candidates, and some brand new candidates.  They represent many topic areas, including Hyperion, Business Intelligence, and Oracle Application Express, among others.  They are project managers, developers, and Oracle ACEs.  They are dedicated, and willing to step forward to represent the ODTUG Members.  So which four candidates should you pick?  My recommendation to you is to consider several factors before casting your vote:

Read the Campaign Statements and Biographies – These are often very informative and provide some clues as to the candidate’s desire to serve on the Board.  Have they been active volunteers?  Have they been active volunteers within the ODTUG Community?  Have they served on the ODTUG Board, the ODTUG Conference Committee, an active special interest group, etc…?  Are they interested in stepping up their volunteer involvement?  Are they looking to give back to the ODTUG Community?

Think about the make-up of the ODTUG Board.  We have four returning Board Members for the remainder of their 2010-2011 terms:  John King, Monty Latiolais, Bambi Price, and Mark Rittman.  Which candidates would you like to see serving alongside these four Board Members?  Are there subject areas that deserve more representation on the ODTUG Board?  Are there leadership qualities that you believe are essential for Board Members?

DO NOT choose by the “Eeny Meenie Miney Moe” method!  This election is very important for determining the future of ODTUG, and deserves more than just a random selection process.

One of the rights that you are granted via your paid membership is to have your voice heard.  Your ballot will be counted in this election, and you have a key role in determining the future direction of ODTUG by voting.  With such a large number of candidates for only four open positions, the vote that you cast may be the one that makes the difference!  Make sure and vote today.  Please select no more than 4 candidates. Please vote by Tuesday, November 2 , 2010. All voting this year will be conducted online; no paper ballots will be accepted.

Please look at all 14 candidates and cast your vote accordingly.  Your choice will help determine the future of ODTUG and the future of the ODTUG Board of Directors.

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