Beacon Technology at ODTUG Kscope19

At ODTUG Kscope19, we are using wearable beacon technology to make the event better, and understand what works and what does not. From recent surveys, we learned that attendees want a more personalized experience, and the only way for our events team to gain the knowledge required to achieve this is through sophisticated event technology. We have partnered with TurnoutNow to employ their wearable beacon technology and data analytics to provide us with this level of detail.

TurnoutNow has deployed their technology at more than 200 events globally, including technology, healthcare, financial, real estate, food, construction, retail, sporting, and entertainment events. They even deployed at Super Bowl 50. There is no other partner who has more experience with this technology and the data capture is wholly owned by ODTUG. TurnoutNow does not copy, store, or release any of our data so it’s the most secure solution. 

Each attendee badge will have a small beacon on the back of the badge. The TurnoutNow wearable beacon is a small wireless device that broadcasts a unique signal using Bluetooth Smart technology. To captured the unique signal TurnoutNow will deploy small receivers that listen for the beacon signals and transmits them to their cloud for processing. The data we are capturing will be used for the following purposes to aide us in a deep learning exercise about this year’s conference.

  • Aide the events team in making decisions in real-time to affect the experience
  • Determine traffic patterns in the session rooms and exhibit hall
  • Track certifications, room capacities, and speaker engagement
  • Qualify leads for exhibitors based on engagement activities

Thank you for helping us enhance your conference experience. If you have any questions about beacon technology, please ask at the registration desk. 

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