Thank You to All of Our Volunteers

ODTUG would not be the organization it is without all of our amazing volunteers! First, we would like to thank everyone who has given their time and dedication to making each of our communities one of a kind. Every year, we recognize the volunteers who went above and beyond to continue to bring ODTUG quality content, ideas, and innovation.


Jim Czuprynski.jpg

ODTUG Volunteer Director Cropped.png Jim Czuprynski


Director Cropped.png Jim Czuprynski has been with ODTUG for many years; he's hosted several database webinars, presented at ODTUG Kscope, and has been a part of ODTUG Kscope content selection teams in the past. Jim recently became the ODTUG Database community leader. His first action was to freshen up the community and provide new content to its members. He created TechCeleration, a technical article series which dives into the latest DBA and database development techniques. An innovator at heart, Jim is always looking for more ways to enhance the ODTUG member experience. 



  Kevin McGinley.jpg

ODTUG Volunteer Kevin McGinley

Kevin McGinley has a long history of volunteering and contributing to the ODTUG community. In fact, he built a membership data tool to make analyzing ODTUG data easier. He has also served on content selection teams and as the vendor chair for ODTUG Kscope. In his most recent role as ODTUG Kscope conference chair and lead for the ODTUG Learn from Home Series, Kevin brought new opportunities to our attendees. We're thankful to have him on our team and we appreciate how dedicated he is to bringing new ideas to the community!




Brendan Doyle Resize.jpgOracle Contributor of the Year Brendan Doyle

Brendan Doyle is a senior product manager for Oracle Analytics. Brendan brings a fresh perspective to the ODTUG Analytics community. He recently helped with a new initiative, the "ODTUG Oracle Analytics Storytelling Challenge." In this challenge participants were asked to submit a video and create a data story to illustrate insights from a world population data set. Brendan helped with the contest from start to finish. He assisted in creating graphics, promoting the contest, and took part in judging. Brendan continues to help grow the ODTUG Analytics community; we are lucky to have him on board.


Interested in volunteering? We have several opportunities across our ODTUG communities including roles centered around membership, marketing, online education, and more. Learn more about volunteering for ODTUG here.

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