Geek Game Night

Sunday, June 23 | 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. | Sheraton Grand Seattle, Ravenna Room, Level 3, Union Tower

Are you ready to use both your brain and your physical prowess to win the annual ODTUG Kscope Geek Game Night? Join one of the most hilarious events of ODTUG Kscope—held after the Sunday night Welcome Reception. This year we’re featuring a long-time party favorite, Minute to Win It. But you’ve never played it quite like this!

First, teams will be built by using your brains. Secure a spot on one of two teams by answering trivia questions on technical knowledge and pop culture. Once the teams are filled, you will square off with multiple rounds of Minute to Win It mini games. Teams will be selected from audience participants. Time to get your game face on! If you want to get a head start, view the Outscord YouTube channel to find examples of potential Minute to Win It party games.

To help you narrow it down, ODTUG Kscope will select from the following list:

-Johnny Applestack -Stack Attack
-This Blows -Go the Distance
-Face the Cookie -Bobble Head
-Junk in the Trunk -Knee Trembler
-Paper Dragon -Speed Eraser
-How’s It Hanging -Brew Ha Ha
-A Bit Dicey -Mega Bubble
-Pink Elephant -Separation Anxiety
-Stick the Landing -Puddle Jumper
-Yank Me

Can’t wait to see you there. May the smartest and best coordinated team win!