Monday, June 20, 2022
8:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Join your fellow ODTUGers for community night events to bond with your peers and meet new friends in a fun environment. Feel free to cross over and check out the other community events too!

Open Mic Night |
Texas C

Open Mic Night is now for everyone: APEX, Database, Cloud – anyone! Open Mic night puts the spotlight on YOU! Attendees – all attendees, not just speakers – are invited to take the stage to showcase the cool features, applications, and other techie-type things they’re currently working with. We’re giving you the opportunity to try out the other side of the mic in a fun and casual atmosphere. Show what you know! Each speaker gets five minutes at the podium to demo (no slides allowed) their awesome app/feature/idea, which will be followed by a few minutes of audience Q&A. For having the guts to stand up and speak, every participant earns bragging rights and will have the chance to take the title of “Best Overall Presentation”, “Best Newcomer”, or “Most Entertaining”. Arrive a few minutes early to sign up for a spot. If you’re not ready for the hot seat, come to hear what your fellow Kscope attendees are doing and enjoy a drink among friends.

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Trivia Showdown | Texas B 

Trivia night is back! This is your chance to prove your trivia prowess among your peers. In an ode to our host city, we’ll be dividing into fun Grapevine, TX themed teams. Come by boat, come by plane –however you come, be ready to wrack your brain.

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Community Chillin |
Texas A

If you want to just sit and relax with community members, this is the place to do it. Have a drink, catch up with old friends, and make some new friends!

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