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Modern App Development Personas


This year at ODTUG Kscope we are introducing personas that describe the various roles that typical Oracle technologists and ODTUG Kscope attendees hold in their work lives. In this context, a “persona” is a technical or work role that one can identify with or aspire to – a description of what one does in a typical work day.

The purpose of including personas is to help Kscope22 attendees navigate their path through ODTUG Kscope22. Attendees will be able to select persona(s) that interest them, and view the list of ODTUG Kscope22 sessions that apply for their selections.

Attendees should realize that a given persona will often match well with sessions across a variety of tracks. This creates greater depth and breadth for learning opportunities and creates a more rounded and inclusive view of all that ODTUG Kscope has to offer.



Analytics Manager:

Hi, I am an analytics manager. I am always thinking about what’s out best data strategy and how do I help my team to develop it. I can do my job better by learning what are the new technology and methodologies that should be on my radar.

Junior Data Analyst:

Hi, I’m a junior data analyst. Learning tricks & tips on how to do my job better is what I’m after. And, I’m also curious about data visualization.

Senior Data Analyst:

Hi, I am a senior data analyst. I know the basics, but I want to learn about some leading, advanced techniques. I’m especially curious about ML/AI – and how to use notebooks.

Data Engineer (8-10 years into career):

Hi, I’m a data engineer who is 8-10 years into my career. I understand the “old” ways of data integration, but I need to understand database/sql performance optimization techniques. I’m curious about how to adapt to and apply the more modern methods.

Newer Data Engineer:

Hi, I’m a newer data engineer, just starting out in this field. I understand python/modern data architecture, and I’m trying to figure out how data ops can integrate within it because I’m being asked to automate ML.

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Oracle APEX Personas

APEX Developer - Backend Focus:

Hi, I am an APEX Developer. I love creating APEX applications that are as nearly identical as possible to APEX native functionality.  I enjoy writing SQL and PL/SQL. I develop apps that can be super complex under the hood, but the user will never know - because it just works!

APEX Developer - Frontend Focus:

Hi, I am an APEX Developer.  I love creating custom APEX applications that you may never realize are even developed through APEX.   I can take the native APEX functionality and make my pages shine by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Full-stack APEX Developer:

Hi, I am an APEX Developer and I can do it all - from back end PL/SQL & SQL to frontend JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I develop apps that have style and speed.

APEX Project Manager:

Hi, I oversee Oracle APEX project development.  I want to see the-latest and greatest features that my team can use for our upcoming projects.  I want to make sure we can offer cutting-edge solutions to solve our clients' pain points.

APEX Developer in Training:

Hi, I am new to APEX or am just starting out on my APEX journey.  I want to build a strong foundation of skills to help me succeed in all areas of APEX development.  I am not quite ready for advanced topics, but I would love to know more about the fundamentals.

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Core & Database Personas

Software Architect:  

Hi, I am the overall architect in charge of building and designing an environment best suited for the business application needs. I need to know when to use stable and well-known technologies, as well as when bleeding-edge new inventions are appropriate.

Backend Developer:

Hi, I am the creator of backend-functionality for our business application. I build relational tables as well as spatial and graph in the database and create stored procedures. I’m focused on creating building blocks that encapsulate functionality in reusable modules. I love efficient SQL statements.

Database Administrator:

Hi, I am the DBA who provides and manages a safe place for the applications to store all kinds of data, both in the cloud and on-premises. I help developers understand how to efficiently work with the databases. I participate in DevOps for app rollouts.

Database Designer:

Hi, I do the relational table design in the RDBMS, as well figure out where in the application we can utilize non-relational options in converged database or other database types.

Performance Tuner:

Hi, I look at the performance perspective of the application. This can be the tuning of SQL statements or pushing logic close to the data or setting up pre-calculated materialized views or low-latency caching - if it can speed up the application, it’s my responsibility to see if we can use it.

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EPM Personas (Across all EPM tracks)

Finance Management (Director, Controller, VP):

Hi, I’m a leader in the office of the CFO.  I’m often looking for ways to make the organization more efficient and modern.  I have a team that handles the day-to-day but I want to hear from someone who understands the challenges I face and who can talk to me about solutions.  

FP&A Professional:

Hi, I’m part of the Finance organization.  I use Oracle EPM to do my budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analysis.  I don’t exactly know how it all works, but I’d love to learn about creative ways to use the system.

Accounting Professional

Hi, I’m part of the accounting team.  I use the system to close the books each month.  I reconcile account balances, load data, make journal entries, and run consolidations.  I’m not too technical, but I want to learn.

Financial Systems Analyst / Administrator

Hi, I’m a Financial Systems Administrator.  I didn’t build the applications but I keep them up and running.  I update hierarchies, calculations, and reports.  I want to show my users everything you can do with Oracle EPM.

Essbase Developer/Consultant: 

Hi, I’m an Essbase guru.  It doesn’t matter if it’s on-prem or cloud; if it’s Essbase, I can make it work.  I like creating calc scripts, thinking about outline optimization, partitions, and storage options.  I’d love to hear from other experts.

Financial Close Consultant

Hi, I’m a consultant who focuses mainly on implementing the Financial Close solutions - Account Reconciliation, Consolidation, and Tax Reporting.  I can set up data loads using Cloud Data Management and I’m comfortable updating hierarchies in DRM or EDM, but these really aren’t my passion. 

“Planning” Consultant:

Hi, I’m a “Planning” Consultant but that really means I focus on everything except the Financial Close stuff.  I understand budgeting, forecasting, and long range planning most but I’m also comfortable talking about allocations.  I know how to use Narrative Reporting, Cloud Data Management and EDM, but I’m more focused on planning activities.

I do a bit of everything EPM Consultant

Hi, I’m the jack-of-all-trades consultant.  I do it all – whether it’s Financial Close, Planning, PCM, EDM, or Narrative Reporting.  I’m always looking to hear about best practices and novel solutions using EPM Cloud.

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Emerging Technologies Personas

Forward Thinker:

Hi, I'm a forward-thinking person who loves to keep abreast of the latest technologies and the next new exciting trends in technology.

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Modern App Development Personas

Solution Architect (Oracle Apps):

Hi, I determine how an organization moves to SaaS and what is needed to make that successful. Integration and extending the footprint for specific organization needs are key areas for me. I need to stay up to date with the Oracle PaaS offerings available.

Oracle Apps Developer:

Hi, I and my colleagues integrate and extend Oracle Apps using multiple technologies, whether APEX or a PaaS product or other intersecting areas. For example: Exposing Analytics in Visual Builder, integrating a Digital Assistant chatbot in Apps, or other cross platform extensions.

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