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alex-nuijten.jpgI got a chance to ask my friend Alex Nuijten, frequent Kscope presenter and one of the newestOracle ACE Directors, about his Kscope experiences.

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MR: What’s the best thing about Kscope conferences?

AN: “It’s been said many times before: the content and the people. Meeting ‘old’ friends and making new ones.”

MR: Who do you most look forward to seeing a presentation from at Kscope and why?

AN: “It’s always a struggle to make a schedule as there are so many presentations happening at the same time. When you finally think you have settled on a schedule, you bump into someone pointing out ‘how did I miss this one on the schedule, not to be missed” session. I’m very fortunate that six of my colleagues are presenting at Kscope11, that makes my schedule making a little easier – I can skip their sessions. Highly recommended for PL/SQL developers: ‘Pipelined Table Functions’ by Patrick Barel. I’m pretty sure that I will attend Maria Colgan‘s sessions, and Cary Millsap is not to be missed, and of courseDimitri Gielis, and John Scott, and the session by Mike Hostetler sounds very interesting, and…”

MR: Why Kscope and not somewhere else?

AN: “Kscope is a real developers conference. The presenters tell from personal experience and that’s what makes it so great. It’s not some marketing story, but real useful material.”

MR: Have you ever been to Long Beach or visited the Queen Mary?

AN: “Never been there, but I look forward to the visit. I have to remind myself that I need to take my ‘sea-bands‘”.

MR: Your all time favorite Kscope moment is…

AN: “…just one? My first ever international presentation was at Kaleidoscope – some years ago. I was very nervous that time, and didn’t sleep at all the night before. When we started our presentation, my co-presenter used my opening lines…the opening lines that had been going through my mind all night long keeping me awake.

Some years ago I did a presentation on Analytic Functions (really awesome SQL-thing). One Kaleidoscope later, someone stopped me in the hallway and said: ‘Since you talked about Analytic, I started using them. They made my life so much easier.’ Isn’t that what Kscope is all about, sharing what you know – helping your fellow developer?”

I think you got that one right Alex!

Alex appears on the AMIS blog at and he has his own blog at

Alex can also be found on Twitter @alexnuijten.

Thanks Alex!

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