When Hopportunity Knocks, Have a Cold One

If you are one of the fortunate folks who will be heading to South Florida for Kscope15 next week, I've got something to tell to you. If you are not attending Kscope15, you are still welcome to read this post, but be warned; if you are not already, you will become very jealous of those fortunate folks.

Monday is community day at Kscope15, and it kicks off with the Newcomers Breakfast (http://kscope15.com/kscope15events/networking-events#Monday). If you’re new to the Kscope experience, this breakfast is designed to allow you to meet with others on their maiden voyage into these action packed-waters, and get advice and tips from seasoned veterans so you can get the most out of what the very best Oracle conference has to offer.

When lunchtime rolls around there will be tables designated for each of the ODTUG communities, where you can take advantage of Kscope’s amazing networking opportunities by breaking bread (unless, of course you’re on a wheat-free diet) with some of the most famous names in the Oracle world. Rumor has it that they eat and drink, just like you and I. This low-key environment is a great place to make real connections with those ivory-tower individuals who write the blogs and the books you read.

After dinner, the fun really starts when the Monday Night Community Events (http://kscope15.com/kscope15events/monday-community-events) take center stage. All of these events have been planned with fun, networking, and maybe even a little learning in mind. While all of the events sound like a blast, the community event I will be attending is the Database Developer and Administrator Networking Hopportunity. This unique event will give you the ability to sample a wide variety of Florida-brewed craft beers. Now, I know that Jeff Smith (@thatJeffSmith) does not like the term “craft beer”, but I am using it here to differentiate what will be served from the fermented malt liquids that Chet Justice (@oraclenerd) typically enjoys(?). On top of that, the first 100 attendees will also receive a specially designed tasting glass to commemorate the occasion.

beer.jpgMy “Great Taste of the Midwest” commemorative glass collection

Whether you are a certified beer geek, are interested in a little harmless experimentation to break out of your Bud Light comfort zone, are curious about what this craft beer buzz is all about, or you just want to hang out in a relaxed, jovial atmosphere and talk with some of the shining stars at our geeky little galaxy, this event is for you. Talk shop, talk beer, talk about the meaning of life. Make friends, make connections, make a difference in the world.

So I hope you'll join me and 98 of my closest ODTUG friends at this truly special event. And in case you were wondering, of course there will be non-alcoholic beverage options available. I’m sure the camaraderie, conversations, and connections will make this a night to remember, no matter what you’re drinking.

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June 17, 2015 01:36 PM by Jeff Smith

I've attempted to create a playlist for the event...if you have requests send them to @thatjeffsmith or jeff.d.smith@oracle.com 

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