Kscope17 Essbase Track Highlights – Natalie Delemar

Natalie Delemar, ODTUG president, shares her top six Essbase track sessions with reasons why they are her “don’t miss sessions” at ODTUG Kscope17:

Essbase and Crystal Ball: Adding Risk-Related Data to a Financial Model – Philip Hulsebosch, Trexco b.v.

Although this could be considered a niche interest, I think the predictive analytics content in this session is vitally important and merits a large audience. There is an uptick in demand for leveraging statistical modeling and machine learning within EPM.

Surprise to no one, I am recommending a few of the Essbase Cloud sessions. Tim German and Cameron Lackpour are offering a two-part presentation on the Cloud.

Essbase Cloud is Here. Now What? – Cameron Lackpour, ARC EPM and Tim German, Qubix

Essbase Cloud – How You Do It (Live Demos) and Expanded Q&A – Tim German, Qubix and Cameron Lackpour, ARC EPM

Hands-On with Essbase Cloud – Rudy Zucca, 123OLAP

I would also recommend Rudy Zucca’s Hands-on Lab on Essbase Cloud. Go ahead – get your hands dirty in the Cloud. You just might like it.

Tableau on Essbase – Dave Collins, The Hackett Group
A number of my larger clients have standardized their visualization tool on Tableau but I have also heard about challenges with it reading multidimensional models. As the leading visualization tool in the market, I’m excited that Dave has taken the challenge and will present on how to use Tableau on Essbase. This is definitely a session I will not miss!

Break the Shackles of Planning with Hybrid Essbase – Peter Nitschke, Mpower Solutions
Last but not least, Peter Nitschke’s presentation will show how to supercharge your planning applications by leveraging Hybrid Essbase while working around its limitations. This allows for instant aggregations, faster retrieves, less plan types, and less maintenance. Sign me up!

Natalie commented, “As I look forward to attending my 10th consecutive Kscope, I am attending Kscope17 for the same reason I first attended Kaleidoscope back in 2008 – the promise of outstanding content and the opportunity to discuss my favorite technology with others who love it just as much as I do. I’m excited to learn new and innovative ways others are using Essbase, understand how to extend it beyond an average implementation, and simplify its maintenance.”

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