EPM Reporting, BI Analytics, and Data Visualization Track Highlights – Teal Sexton

This diverse track has a very wide variety of sessions that cover all things reporting! Across EPM Reporting, Business Analytics, and Data Visualization, there are so many exciting advancements to explore. Learn about Essbase in the Oracle Analytics Cloud, Reverse Engineering Data Visualizations, SmartView customizations, and so much more.

Teal Sexton, EPM Reporting, BI Analytics, and Data Visualization track lead for ODTUG Kscope18, shares her top five track sessions with reasons why they are her "don't-miss sessions" at ODTUG Kscope18:

Teal said, “The track is so broad, I could pick five in each category!”

Inside Out OAC Essbase & DV Gary Adashek, General Electric

See step-by-step how to use an Excel Wizard to build an Essbase cube in the Oracle Analyics Cloud and create beautiful visualizations to gain insights . . . then use SmartView to do further ad hoc analysis and more. It’s so cool that these tools all work in concert with one another! I have to see this.

Why Should I Care About DVD? Blu-Ray Is the New Thing, Right?  Andy Rocha, Edgewater Ranzal

I cannot wait to see this comparison of the leading data visualization offerings: Tableau vs. PowerBI vs. Oracle Data Visualization Desktop. As audience members, we get to rate the key functionality and see our points stack up live in an Oracle Data Visualization project!

Hakuna Matata Means No Worries, Especially When Creating Reports with Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud!  Jay Chapman, Sierra-Cedar

Too often, ad-hoc access leads to added errors! In this session of key tips and techniques for building narrative reports with Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service, I look forward to hearing more about how to make finance data reliable enough to be analyzed a number of ways in support of informed decision-making.

AI meets BI — Using Machine Learning Techniques in Oracle BI for Building a Predictive Analytics-Based Recommendation Model – Lakshman Bulusu, Mitchell Martin

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are highly trending topics in BI Analytics. I like how this session will show not only building a recommendation model but also integrating the output into an OBIEE dashboard for visualization and decision support.

Using Oracle Data Visualization? – STOP! – Doug Ross, Performance Architects

This session looks like a cool demonstration of real-world uses for powerful and underutilized advanced visualizations, from the title’s acronym: S = Segmentation, T = Trends, O = Outliers, and P = Patterns. It will be fun to watch the data set through ingestion to visualization canvas creation!

About Teal Sexton: Teal Sexton has a passion for business intelligence that she brings to her role directing the functional team responsible for the enterprise data warehouse environment at UC Berkeley. This mature environment sources data from PeopleSoft (finance, campus solutions, and human capital management) into APEX, Oracle Database, and Essbase. Dashboards are presented in OBIEE using native functionality along with integrated Google Charts, D3 visualizations, an APEX application, and coming soon—a Cognos application within the OBIEE iframe. Teal is also responsible for Hyperion Planning, Essbase, SmartView, and reporting created with FR Studio.


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